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The Drowning Prevention Charity

If you are a member of RLSS UK and already have a MyPage account or if you are a current or previous RLSS UK or IQL UK award holder or competitor of RLSS UK/ IQL UK Ltd, you do not need to Create a new account. 


Please select the "Current/previous award holder or competitor of RLSS UK/ IQL UK Ltd" option, and follow the steps available after selecting the "I don't know my password” button. This will link your account with your awards and qualifications and generate a password for you to log in to your email address. 


Your society number can be found on Letters of correspondence received from RLSS UK, IQL UK Qualification Certificates and RLSS UK Qualification Certificates. If you cannot find or are having problems accessing your account, please contact RLSS UK customer services on 0300 323 0096 and they will happily assist you to gain access to your account. 


Please note that if you create an account when you already hold one with the RLSS UK/IQL UK Ltd, then there may be a delay for us to locate and assign you the correct account that holds your previous qualifications and awards history. 

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